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Saw Palmetto Capsules Supports Prostate Health Urinary Tract Function Improves Fertility

Saw Palmetto Capsules Supports Prostate Health Urinary Tract Function Improves Fertility

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Saw Palmetto, also known as Serenoa repens, is a small palm tree that grows in warm climates and is native to the Southeast regions of North America. It was first discovered by Native Americans who utilized its potent berry fruit for a variety of holistic wellness practices. Today, Saw Palmetto herb is widely known as a Men's Health favorite and is touted for its naturally occurring Plant Sterols and beneficial Fatty Acids.

Hair Growth & Prostate Health & Urinary Tract Support
As men age, prostate health becomes more important. We've made it easy for men to take one capsule a day to reduce symptoms of enlarged prostate. You can even pair this daily supplement with our night time saw palmetto to help reduce urination frequency at night.
Our product is formulated with saw palmetto berries - the most potent part of the natural, herbal plant. The berries of the plant are commonly used to improve prostate health and balance hormone levels and prevent hair loss in both men and women. In addition, we use whole berry fruit to naturally promote urinary tract (UT) health.

How to get Saw Palmetto
This herbal health food is only available in vitamin supplement form. There are many products that feature Saw Palmetto Extract in their formulas. The most common include Softgels, Liquid Drops, Capsules, Gummies, Bulk Powder, Oils, Tea, and other ingestible or topical forms. However, it's difficult to find a reliable source of Saw Palmetto.

About Saw Palmetto
Now we carries a reliable source of Saw Palmetto that is incredibly potent. Our scientifically designed formula offers a full spectrum complex containing the equivalent of 3600mg per serving of this Men's Wellness herb. Our capsules are Gluten-Free and contain no Artificial Flavor, Artificial Sweetener or Preservatives.


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